Art Director & Graphic Designer

a little more about me

I’m a german designer who enjoys creating things in cool places around the world.

From a very young age I was always driven by the idea of expressing myself visually. It began in a small town at the age of 6 when my mother found me drawing pictures of myself on a little island with a cold drink in my hand…

Many years later, I studied visual communication at the University of Applied Science and Art in Hanover, Germany. Straight out of college I found myself working for advertising agencies in Hamburg. But still dreaming of that childhood island drawing.

So, in 2015 I started a new chapter as a location independent freelancer, leaving everything behind with a one way ticket to beautiful Brazil and never looked back. The sights and sounds that have surrounded me on this journey have provided me with endless inspiration to tap into. Art and design is everywhere. Driven by a clean and minimal visual style, I always focus on creating compelling design solutions in their simplest form, with thoughtful design thinking.

For clients open to remote design, my lifestyle means my days are flexible, so I can fulfill your design needs and schedule calls during your work hours. Whether you need a brand from scratch, a new website or another visual solution to your problem, I can help.

For agencies that need someone to fill in on-site, I’m happy to help too. Just give me a second to book a flight 😉

So that’s me. Living the dream of my 6 year old self.

As Dr. Seuss once said, “Adults are just outdated children.” I try to live by that motto, so the curious, adventurous kid in me never gets old.

Carolin 91′



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